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Our CQC Results

We are absolutely delighted to announce that our CQC inspection report has arrived and staff have been recognised at being OUTSTANDING in RESPONSIVE.  The visiting inspector was very impressed with the outstanding service he witnessed from the staff.  We had hoped that staff would be recognised for their outstanding CARE and EFFECTIVENESS, however, this is difficult to achieve when the evidence is judged by a panel who do not visit the home.

Quotes from the inspection report include:-

"Staff consistency and commitment enabled people to receive EXCELLENT CARE from staff who knew them well."

"People were very well supported to MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH and to meet their nutritional needs"

"Staff worked well as a team and had a SENSE OF PRIDE working at the service"

For us, it is more important that the residents view our services outstanding, but it would have been amazing for the regulators to recognise the extra efforts the staff go to at Forget me not.

Grateful thanks to our amazing, caring and compassionate staff led by Registered Manager, Marina Morgan, with assistance from Kathie Clark, Deputy Manager, Sharon Peters, Head of Care and Tracey Miller Senior carer.

Forget Me Not Residential Care Home


We are experienced in a range of situations and provide specialist care.

Experienced Team


Our team are familiar with and can provide support for Dementia Including issues such as Vascular Dementia, Alzheimer's, Lewy Body's, Korsakoff's and Mixed Dementia.

Parkinson's Disease

We are familiar with the symptoms including stooped posture, hand tremor, masked face and the various other aspects of dementia and are able to provide care and support.


Mental Health

We have a good relationship with, and receive support from the local mental health team allowing us to keep up to date with all the latest practices around Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and PTSD.

Physical Impairments

We also have experience for a variety of physical impairments including impaired sight, Charles Bonnet Syndrome, Glaucoma and Dry Eyes. We also have experience and can offer support for impaired hearing and impaired mobility.


We have recently had one of our rooms become available, it is a large room with en-suite facilities and residents benefit from being in a care home which is both professional whilst also being personable and friendly. We pride ourselves on our excellent staff and on having great reviews from our existing live in residents.

Forget Me Not Residential Home is based in Burnham on the Berks and Bucks border and is easily accessible by family members by road and rail.

Forget Me Not Residential Care Home


Professional and Personal

Trained Staff
Staff are trained regularly according to the needs of current residents.

Regular Activities
Activities include community integration with schools, local older peoples clubs and nursery children

Residents are encouraged to maintain their independence.

Family Values
Many have described the home as a large family, with a genuine interest and compassion shown by staff.

Owner Involvement
The owners are involved in the running of the home and are interested in the quality of care for each resident.

Up To Date Technology
Laptops and Handsets allow us to update Care Plans, Daily Notes and Nourishcare information.

Homely Atmosphere

Pleasant and welcoming
From the moment you step through its doors you are greeted with pleasant and welcoming people and an environment that offers peace and comfort.

16 Single Rooms
Six of the home’s sixteen single-occupancy bedrooms feature an ensuite bathroom, whilst the remaining ten bedrooms have access to large and clean bathrooms, situated on the same floor

Nutritious Food
Forget Me Not Residential Home offers a selection of home-cooked, nutritious and hearty breakfasts, lunches and dinners that are enjoyed together in the dining room, like a family.

Stimulating Activity
Each staff member goes the extra mile to ensure that residents are stimulated, whether that be reading a book, partaking in a group quiz or socialising with friends.

Informal and Relaxing
Staff wear their own clothes and not a uniform to help it feel more homely and less like a hospital or clinical environment.

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Forget Me Not Residential Care Home


Forget me not is a small care home located in the heart of Burnham with the same owners since 1995. The home has a strict recruitment policy, employing staff that genuinely care for older people and are passionate in offering good quality service to the residents.